Learn everything about Étaples fishing at Maréis

MARÉIS,                                                                                                         AN ENCYCLOPAEDIA ON TRADITIONAL ÉTAPLES FISHING

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The guided tour (free of charge) is recommended to learn all about the tough profession of the fishermen.

Close your eyes and imagine…

…the lives of those men, and the few women who share with the profession with them, the most dangerous profession in France. They work in the cold of winter, with its frozen sea spray carried by the wind. On the bridge day and night, they sleep when the fishing decides and, if the fish are there on Saturday and Sunday, they will be there as well. Always with the dangers of fatigue, manoeuvring and from the sea.

As to salary? Nothing is certain. According to a founding principle of the profession, the fisherman is paid on a share basis, depending on the amount caught. It’s certainly an engine to motivate the crew, but also the main weakness of the system. In fact, the scarcity of fish is a sword of Damocles for all and the rules of fishing are thus even more complicated.

You have now had a quick overview of the social condition of a fisherman and his daily life.

Close your eyes and imagine all of that, then open them wide to Maréis

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