Hiking in the forest


The Forest … an opportunity to have a good time while strolling, oxygenating and making nice discoveries.

The Étaples communal forest is located in the upper part of the city, from east to west, in the shape of an arc. In this Classified Wooded Area of 35 hectares were identified 279 species of plants including 38 rare or threatened and 4 protected at the regional level. Four new marked hiking trails celebrate this considerable forest heritage: take your time, breathe … and, at the turn of a wood or in the heart of the forest discover the natural riches …

Map of our ideas for some hiking trails in the Étaples’s communal forest:


Walk Les BergeriesWalk Le BosquetWalk Les Noisetiers and le bois de RomblyWalk La Forestière

6 hectares, 1.14 km, 20 minutes, difficult level (important variation in height of the walk)> in blue on the map.

On this chalky path, covered with 70% of beech, discover the remains of a bunker of the 2nd World War. After your tour, relaxing and inspiring, you can either join the baie de Canche (bay of Canche) from the water activities equipment by the Chemin des Molières (walk of Molières) or access at the top of the avenue François Mitterand at Bois du Bosquet (Wood of Bosquet).

The remains of a bunker of the 2nd World War

12 hectares, 1.16 km, 20 minutes, easy level > in yellow on the map.

Your walk will take you into a beech forest covering 5 hectares of the Grove and you will also stop at the edge of a wood of pines and majestic chestnuts where other species coexist: birch, poplar, maple, hawthorn, ash and oak … the oak is present in several forms: with originality, the transformation of fallen tree trunks gave them a second life.

7 hectares (walk Les Noisetiers), 10 hectares (walk le bois de Rombly), 1.56 km, 25 minutes, medium level> in green on the map.

This walk meanders directly into the dune environment. You will cross a remarkable zone of hazel trees and an old poplar plantation which shelter rare and impressive specimens: a poplar 4 meters in circumference, a remarkable beech of nearly 150 years …

In the area, we ask you the strict application of the prohibition of access to the 8 hectares reserved for the protection of the fauna which give free rein to the undergrowth: plum trees, brambles, hawthorns, etc.

The wood of Rombly, more sandy, is wooded with superb and majestic maritime pines; a maintained pond welcomes many batrachians.

35 hectares, 4.4 km, 1 hour, difficulty level varies depending on the zone> in red on the map.

Great tour of the Bergeries, Bosquet Noisetiers and bois de Rombly.

«Promenons-nous dans les bois…» (“Let’s wander in the forest…”) : this little French refrain invites to hunt stress as if by magic. It echoes the soothing virtues of the forest. Clean air, temperate climate, refreshing shade, soothing green color and bird songs form a subtle combination for well-being.

To protect biodiversity and preserve the environment of our hiking trails, we invite you to a responsible practice of your hike and in total safety:

  1. Stay on the way.
  2. Prohibition to motorized vehicles.
  3. Do not throw garbage.
  4. Fire forbidden.
  5. No camping.
  6. Do not pick.
  7. Animals keep on a leash (from April the 15th to June the 30th).

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